Women MONPIEL Women’S Leather Bag | Mini Canvas Round Bucket Bag Black

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Another Essential Item That Cannot Be Missing In This Limited Edition Of “Paula Loves By Monpiel” Is A Good Mini Leather Bag, In Collaboration With The Influencer, Creative Director, And Fashion Stylist @Paula.Loves.
If You Loved The Canvas Cube Bag Version, It’S Also Available In A Mini Format. The Mini Leather Cube Bag In Canvas Is Part Of This Special And Limited Edition. Following The Line Of All Monpiel Collections, Creating Timeless Basics Produced With Quality Materials, Designed With A Timeless Style That Aims To Endure As A Wardrobe Staple, Much More Conscious Of The Environment And Sustainability.
As The Good Weather Approaches, Our Round Mini Cube Bag Made Of Canvas Is Perfect For This Spring-Summer Season. Equally Practical, Useful, And Spacious, You Will Be Surprised At How Much It Can Hold. Combined With Any Basic From The Collection, It Will Make Your Look Original. We Assure You That You Won’T Take It Off! This Mini Cube Bag Design Is A Timeless Basic, With The Same Quality And Originality As The Rest Of The Designs, Perfect For Carrying Over The Shoulder, Including An Adjustable Short Handle, Or If You Prefer A More Sophisticated Style, Use It With The Short Handle By Hand. Its Drawstring Closure Keeps All Your Personal Belongings Safe. Available In Leather And Black.
The Canvas Cube Mini Leather Bag Is A Limited Edition. Manufactured Sustainably And Artisanally, This Collection, Like The Rest Of The Leather Accessories, Is Produced By Hand, Betting On The Slow-Fashion Movement.


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